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Our Services


  • Boundary Surveys

  • Site Plans

  • Location Drawings

  • Flood Elevation Surveys

  • Wetland Preservation (WRP)

  • Utility Surveys

Design and Planning

We offer services for planning new home construction and for large scale subdivision development. Our portfolio is scattered throughout the Eastern Shore as countless homes, parks and communities have been designed by our team.

  • Housing Layout

  • Percolation (Perc) and Soil Tests

  • Utility Layout

  • Subdivision Design and Layout

Clients and Projects:

ES Adkins, Larry Causey & Sons, Deer Harbour, Rustic Acres, Foxchase, Tamarac Villiage, Salisbury University, WorWic Tech, UMES, State of Maryland, Fish and Wildlife, NRCS, Perdue Farms, Conservation Fund, Nature Conservancy, Thousands of home owners!

Civil Engineer Surveying
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